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Addiction can feel like an unbeatable force that can have an influence on multiple areas of your life. This is because addiction can change how you think, how you physically feel, and how you act. Your addiction is probably getting in the way of how you’re doing at work, how you’re getting along with your family and friends, and even stopping you from reaching your goals. When addiction is consuming so many parts of your life you can feel like addiction has taken over your life.

Addiction Can Take Over Your Thoughts

Addiction can bring on an overwhelming feeling of nonstop worry and fear along with thoughts that you wish you could run away from. It is common for people experiencing addiction to express some of the thoughts below:

“My mind is constantly going 100 mph”
“Its going to be different this time”
“I am only going to use on the weekends”
“Just one more and I will never do this again”
“I don’t feel like myself”

When you experience addiction, negative and irrational thoughts can flood your mind and make you feel overpowered. When thoughts are running through your head on a constant loop, they will leave you feeling very frustrated, exhausted, and even irritable.

Addiction is a vicious cycle between craving and obsession you are consumed about pursing the next fix for drugs and alcohol. Your mind becomes a chronic liar. It tells you what drugs and alcohol will do for you rather than what it will do to you, and your left with feelings of guilt, remorse and shame.

You deserve to live the life that you want.
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Addiction Can Change How You Physically Feel

Addiction can wreak havoc not only on your mind but your body too. People who experience addiction often complain about not feeling physically well due to withdrawal. Below are some ways that addiction can manifest itself in physical ways. Ask yourself the following questions to see whether addiction has been affecting you physically.

  • Have you ever noticed that you can feel utterly drained of energy? Like you ran a marathon at the end of the day?
  • Do you ever feel muscle soreness or muscle tension in your body?
  • Do you ever have difficulty sleeping?
  • Do you have chest pains or feel tightness in your chest?
  • Has your appetite been lower than usual?
  • Do you get stomach discomfort? It can even manifest as nausea or diarrhea in some people.
  • Do you ever notice you have shortness of breath or have difficulty breathing?
  • Do you ever cold sweats or chills?
  • Do you ever notice increased anxiety?
You Can Learn How to Overcome Addiction!!!

The good news is that addiction does not need to keep running your life!!! At Through The Archway you can learn how to stop addiction from attacking your mind, body and soul. Through The Archway is not the place to sit on a couch and just vent about your feelings and about your past. Or spend countless hours in therapy sessions or groups going deep into your childhood because that just isn’t going to make your addiction go away. Instead, we want to arm you with solution focused and effective techniques to overcome your addiction.

During our time together we will guide you through our 12 step based workbook and teach actionable techniques you need to start overcoming addiction, and then on your own you will start applying these techniques into your daily life. Don’t worry, we will break the techniques down into simple steps for you so you won’t get overwhelmed. We will also help you easily apply them into your daily life and create a routine for you so you have the greatest chance for success. 

I want you to think of us as personal trainers that you have hired to get your mind, body, and soul into the best shape possible. Just like a personal trainer, we will teach you specific techniques you need to whip your mind, body and soul into shape. We will be there to cheer you on and give you support every step of the way, but also hold you accountable so you work steadily towards your goals. If you start to doubt yourself, we will be there to remind you that “You’ve got this!” because you deserve to break free from the symptoms and cycle off addiction.

If you are ready to learn the techniques that will help you reboot your sobriety please contact us to schedule a tour or consultation at our South Florida location 844-442-2700


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