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Best Alcohol rehab in Parkland Florida at . We help those who suffering from addiction to achieve sobriety.

Our unique approach provides a culture in which our clients are immersed in spiritual principles.

How Alcohol Affects the Brain

Alcohol effects extremely complex brain structures by preventing signals from being sent and received from one brain cell to the next. When there is a lack of communication in the brain, a person experiences a loss of control and inhibitions. This is why people become intoxicated when they drink alcohol, causing slurred speech, poor memory, risky behaviors, and slowed reflexes.

We live in the largest society in history and we have a huge variety of ways to consume alcohol. We may drink responsibly in bars or at a club or by the pint with a friend, but if we are not using our brain properly, then when drunk, alcohol can cause a variety of negative effects.

Alcohol rehab

Alcohol or drug abuse is a potent issue that, if not managed appropriately, can make you feel helpless and possessed. When you join a retreat center to make a difference in your life, it helps you inculcate a sense of social responsibility in addition to responsibility towards your own health.

This unique approach was founded by Peter Marinelli over 15yrs ago. When he started his work within the area of alcohol rehab in Florida it proved to be immensely successful.

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