Best Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida

A lot of our clients say “Best Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida”

In 2014 (NSDUH) found that nearly 30 million American adults used an illicit drug in the month. Here at ThroughTheArchway Clients will achieve freedom from their current active Substance Abuse addiction or substance use disorder, while learning to live and enjoy life free of the destructive behaviors that brought them to us.

Diagnosing a Substance Abuse Problem, Diagnosing a drug addiction does not solely depend on determining the physical manifestations of the drug addict. Instead, medical professionals use a series of both physical and behavioral diagnostic criteria to determine if you have an addiction.

Developing a drug addiction isn’t a character flaw or a sign of weakness, and it takes more than willpower to overcome the problem. Abusing illegal or certain prescription drugs can create changes in the brain, causing powerful cravings and a compulsion to use that makes sobriety seem like an impossible goal. But recovery is never out of reach, no matter how hopeless your situation seems. With the right treatment and support, change is possible

We offer a residential setting that can accommodate residents for both long and short term stays, To help those suffering from addiction to achieve sobriety.

Welcome to us at in Parkland Florida, many of our clients say that we are the Best Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida.

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