Best Drug Rehab in Florida

Drug rehab in Parkland Florida at  helps those who suffering from addiction to achieve sobriety. Our unique approach provides a culture in which our clients are immersed in spiritual principles.

We’ve been receiving phone calls, emails and messages from people in south florida asking for advice and if they can give you information, or if anyone needs help with a problem they have, we’ll have you here to serve them. We will be here 24/7 so you won’t have to be in the area. We have a wonderful and positive staff here in Florida who are always willing to help whenever we can. You can contact us at  844 442 2700, or we will come out to you.

Alcohol or drug abuse is a potent issue that, if not managed appropriately, can make you feel helpless and possessed. When you join a retreat center to make a difference in your life, it helps you inculcate a sense of social responsibility in addition to responsibility towards your own health.

This unique approach was founded by Peter Marinelli over 15yrs ago. When he started his work within the area of drug rehab in Florida it proved to be immensely successful.

Welcome to us at and our recoverycenter for your drug rehab in Parkland Florida. At Trough The Archway in Parkland Florida, with beautiful surroundings, you find the best drug rehab in Florida

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