Best Holistic Recovery Center Florida

At our Holistic Recovery Center, the staff shares the core belief that addiction treatment and recovery is a process that heals mind, body, and spirit through the guidance of holistic approaches in order to treat the whole person.
Nearly 40% of those suffering from addiction have a co-occurring mental health condition.
Addiction wreaks havoc on the body. Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS) alone can be felt for up to two years after the last drug or alcohol use.
We believes recovery is a life long journey and provide a full continuum of care inclusive of residential.
Clients will achieve freedom from their current active addiction while learning to live and enjoy life free of the destructive behaviors that brought them to us
Welcome to us at and our Holistic Recovery Center in Parkland Florida. At Trough The Archway in Parkland Florida, with beautiful surroundings, you find the best Holistic Recovery Center in Florida
Holistic recovery center Parkland Florida