TTA was originally geared toward those with whom traditional methods had failed. Our experience has proven that it works for all seeking a healing community based around spiritual principles. Our highly structured program offers men the 12 step philosophy and necessary skills to lead full and abundant lives.

Along with studying many spiritual authors, and a workbook designed by Peter Marinelli our sessions vary from individual, to group and gender specific meetings, facilitated by our experienced staff and volunteers from our recovery community.


Must be 18 years of age and older
Seeking to learn how to live and stay Sober
Must be sober and drug free and remain that way
Psychologically and medically stable
Aware that TTA is not a substitute for psychotherapy, medical treatment or detoxification.

As a condition to becoming a Guest at Through the Archway and to ensure the safety of our community, a medical and psychological evaluation will be conducted to ensure that a higher level of care is not more appropriate.


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