“words couldnt describe the amount of love i felt here.this program is amazing and i would definitely recommend it for anyone out there tired of suffering.”
Angela Michelle

“I highly recommend anything that Peter and Marion are involved with. I know many people whose lives have been touched by them. God has definitely called them to serve and help free people from the chains of addiction.”
Jamaal Jason Mutrie

“believe that Peter has a great way speaking about the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and quite an inspiration on how God works in his life you can make that possible for my new one if they’re willing to follow some simple directions that are in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous it’s not who I am it’s who I be”
Richard Anderson

“This program saved my life. They helped me open my mind & showed me how to live a life of sobriety. This is a wonderful group of people that truly care & can show you a better way of life, just let them.”
Kristie Lorton-Kelly

“Peter M is a AA guru. His experience and knowledge of the 12 steps and 12 traditions and the spiritual principles of the program are second to none. I feel as if it’s an honor to find myself in a room where he is the featured speaker. The best thing about him to me is he not only has the knowledge of the program he lives it out day to day….5 stars in my book !!!”
Chris Flynt

“Peter is a great guy, has a servants heart and has helped thousands! Thanks again Pete for all that you have done for the recovery community.”
Will Bonham

“Peter has been a mentor of mine for over two years and one thing i can promise is whatever he is apart of people will be getting better!”
Jared Donato

“Great program lead and run by great people thank you peter and marriane”
John Charos

“Peter is a league apart in helping those struggling with addiction. He’s dedicated his life to helping those suffering, and just as importantly, he walks his talk. If the typical treatment model hasn’t worked for you or a loved one, make the call.”
Jim Devine

Tired of the same old results of drunk, high and dying? Maybe it’s time to get real with Through the Archway. This amazing group of sober leaders share their hearts, souls and minds with every person there. A warm, welcoming reprieve if you are ready to get deep into your recovery. Pete, Marion, Ryan, Joe and the entire support team are the real deal! If you are ready to be free and enjoy a sober life, now is the time to take action! I’ve seen this program help people turn their lives around!
Krista Bloom

Peter and Marion have been my spiritual advisors for years now. These two have been an integral piece to my recovery. If anyone reading this has done the treatment shuffle and can’t stay sober, I think you owe it to yourself to give Peter and Marion a chance. God bless
Joe Walker

Through the Archway is an incredible program for anyone with any type of addiction issue. Through the Archway deals with the problem but much more important concentrates on the solution. Peter and Marion have dedicated their lives to helping people who deal with addiction.
Randy Mandell

Peter is the best in class. I highly recommend anything he put his hands on!
Don Radon

Peter and Marian have an amazing program
Tim Perry

Peter is a true agent of God that lives a God inspired, God directed life dedicated to helping others find their way in recovery through his experience with the 12 steps and God. Peter has been the single biggest influence and power of example in my recovery and has had a major part in transforming my life.
Danny DeRose

Peter saved our son Craig’s life nearly 7 years ago. My husband and I are forever grateful to God for sending Peter to us.
We highly recommend anything that Peter Marinelli is associated with.
Debra Walsh Noll