Through The Archway offers a Unique Residential setting serving the recovery community. Our “New comers track” which includes those leaving either Detoxification, treatment, or in their first 90 days of recovery and our “spiritual immersion track”designed for anyone in recovery that needs to get reconnected spiritually. Both tracks are Designed 1st to educate our guests on the problem of alcoholism/addiction and 2nd offer the solution via the “social model” of recovery. The Key principles in this program are using 12 step strategies to create and facilitate a recovery environment and using personnel experience as a way to help others.

Through The Archway uses its copyrighted work book and a well rounded staff of certified peer support specialists, recovery coaches, and spiritual advisors to enhance both social and emotional well-being. Additionally our staff will provide our guests to a multitude of outside services starting with the surrounding Sober community and any psychological, medical, holistic and spiritual services that may be needed to enhance ones recovery. While a guest at Through the Archway you will spend your days learning how to connect spiritually as an individual while connecting and sharing experiences with the community as a whole. Our approach to the alcohol and drug problem is shifting the focus to the household and community environment as a way to foster a culture of recovery. Guests are invited to draw on the strengths of the household and utilize peer support to shed their addictive lifestyle and reconstruct their self-identity as a person in recovery. Because recovery is a reality that is exemplified by recovering peers and their staff, recovery grows out of hope and results in a process of self-redefinition and the rebuilding of a life in the community.

These unique approaches were founded by Peter Marinelli over 15yrs ago and proved to be immensely successful.


Discouraged by watching those who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction, relapse after treatment, and the skyrocketing costs, the realization that a new approach was needed. After several years of planning and achieving proper funding, Peter and his current staff opened the doors, and the results are overwhelmingly successful. With faith and the willingness to serve at the forefront of this movement the result was an innovative, cost effective and successful residential model with a non -clinical approach.



“Social Model” from Institute of health

According to the national institute of health –

“Social model recovery emerged in California primarily as a grassroots movement that was built upon the principles of AA (Wittman & Polcin in press; Borkman et al. 1998). Although there is limited professional literature on social model recovery, a number of studies have shown favorable outcomes. Programs that self-identified as social model were shown to have similar or better outcomes than clinically oriented treatment programs that were typically more expensive (Kaskutas et al. 2008; Kaskutas, Ammon & Weisner 2003–2004; Borkman et al. 1998). Studies of sober living houses (SLHs) that used a social model approach showed significant resident improvements on a variety of outcomes that were maintained at 18-month follow-up (Polcin et al. 2010). Moreover, these studies found factors central to social model recovery (i.e., involvement in 12-step groups and social network characteristics) were related to outcome”


Through The Archway is located on two acres of property in an affluent community in Parkland, Florida. We offer multiple housing locations for both men and women.

Centrally located we have easy access to 12 step meetings and the sober community. Our location offers a peaceful setting conducive to recovery while at the same time provides easy access for our residents seeking employment and attend the local 12 step fellowship meetings.

“Peter and Marion have both been an inspiration to me for many years now. I have personally seen them help so many people including myself. Anything they place their hands on God blesses as they both put Him first in all their affairs. Truly inspiring!”
Teresita Corral Pandiscio

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