Achieve Permanent Sobriety

Achieve Permanent Sobriety

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The Through The Archway Experience

Through The Archway is a spiritual immersion program with Peter and Marion Marinelli designed to tackle the mental obsession associated with addiction and alcoholism.

Peter and Marion Marinelli are an internationally respected speakers and spiritual guides who hold patients’ hands through a life-changing process designed to bring about a shift in attitudes and outlooks.

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You deserve to live the life that you want.

Self worth and empowerment will arise within you. Achieve success, fulfillment, and a deeper meaning to life.

Consistency. Accountability. Responsibility.

Stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction?

Addiction has put you in a constant state of obsession and craving over drugs and alcohol that you can’t escape. You are left with a sense of hopelessness that nothing will work. Addiction has left you feeling alone, isolated, desperate with nowhere to turn.

The Career Launch Program: Channeling Your Potential for External Success

Our CEO Jaime Blaustein holds our patients’ hands as they navigate a career as someone who is recovering comes with its own set of challenges. We hold our patients’ hands as they navigate that process, which is often accompanied by fear of failure among other logistical headwinds.

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