We Serve as a great aftercare for those leaving Substance abuse treatment

People who simply go through Detox and complete a rehab program for an alcohol use disorder or any substance use disorder are not “cured.” Instead, they have simply completed the initial stages of their recovery. There is no cure for alcoholism or drug addiction.

Once an individual leaves a rehabilitation program, they will face numerous temptations, challenges and personal setbacks that can lead to relapse. Through The Archway’s aftercare program is designed to give individuals ongoing assistance and continued instruction, and to provide support to enhance their chances of experiencing permanent sobriety.

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How We Do Aftercare

Fellowship: While participating in our aftercare it is highly encouraged that all guests participate in a social support group (AA, NA, OA), which have been proven to significantly to increase one’s chances of maintaining sobriety.

Individual needs: Through The Archway adjusts to suit the needs of the individual, including making accommodations for the individual’s medical history, cultural background, gender, age, social situation, education, and other variables, such as co-occurring mental health disorders or cognitive issues. We are continually evaluating the client’s progress, make adjustments to the program to ensure continued recovery, and then evaluate these adjustments.

Accountability: is one factor that is extremely important in a successful aftercare program. Through The Archway stresses that the individual is accountable for their behavior. Our guest’s are required to attend social support group meetings, keeping medical and psychological appointments, taking their medication, and actively applying the principles learned in treatment to everyday life. Thus, we have built in objectives and goals in our copyrighted workbook that allow us to measure the guests progress while maintaining abstinence.

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