Hitting a Wall in Sobriety

In the beginning, you were so excited about your path to sobriety. You would often stay up late and wake up early going to meetings, and being of service, helping others. You were on fire. But then something began to shift.
Rather than feeling excited, you started to feel stuck. You may have seen the signs of burnout coming for a few months, but you thought it was just a temporary dip in motivation. Or that you just needed to be more disciplined. You didn’t realize that it was your body & soul telling you to refocus and get centered.

Avoiding AA & Other Commitments

Then you noticed yourself avoiding AA meetings, and phone calls from sponsees. You’d procrastinate on important commitments only to feel more stressed out later, and then you avoided them even more. Now it feels like you’re always falling behind, and you just can’t seem to get it together. You’ve hit a wall.

On top of that, you still feel so much pressure to be on your A-game all of the time. You worry about letting so many people down including your AA sponsor, employer, family, and the sober community. But now, it just feels like you’re crumbling under the weight of it, and you have no Plan B.

You deserve to live the life that you want.
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You’ve also noticed that it’s affecting your home life. You’re not present with your family, and when something happens to undo your already precarious “balance,” you begin to unravel. Maybe you’ve taken time off to recharge and all that did was make you dread having to come back home or to an AA meeting.

You’ve looked online and read countless articles about the importance of delegating, taking breaks, and meditating, but none of it really seems like a long-term solution. You’ve worked so hard to get here, so the last thing you want is to lose everything. You’ve already sacrificed so much, and you want to find a way to balance all of the spinning plates without losing yourself in the process.

Rediscover Your Dedication to Sobriety

You want to fall back in love with your AA program so that you can make a bigger impact in your life and the lives of others. You want to discover the path to living a more fulfilling life, both professionally and personally. You’re looking to finally create a life that sustains and energizes you, one where you can actually set healthy boundaries with yourself and others without feeling guilty or like you’re falling behind.

Imagine being able to balance work, AA, and your personal life and have it run like a well-oiled machine. Even more importantly, picture what it would feel like to return feeling like the old you: happy, joyous, and free. Through the Archway will help you get there.

Reset Your Sobriety

When we work with guests who are dancing on the edge of burnout, it is important that we act fast. Our workbook can help get you jumpstarted and reset. Together, we’re going to work backwards a little bit to figure out what happened so that we can prevent it from happening again. We’ll come up with a plan that includes taking care of your life while also taking care of your sobriety. Because the sober community needs you, and so does your family.

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