Discourged by watching those suffer from addiction, relapse after treatment and skyrocketing costs the realization that a new approach was needed. After several years of planning and achieving proper funding, Peter and his current staff opened the doors, and the results are overwhelmingly successful. With faith and the willingness to serve at the forefrontof this movement the result was an innovative, cost effective/affordable and successful residential model with a non clinical approach.

As we believe you cannot transmit what you don’t have our experienced staff and volunteers act as mentors providing guidance, support and education to those seeking sobriety. Our guests will be taught key principals to help the live like sober men and women. Consistency, Accountability and Responsibility (referred to as CAR) are some examples.

Grounded in spiritual principles Through The Archways philosophy is simple and straightforward; it relies heavily on a culture of wellness and an attitude of willingness. Residents are introduced to the sober community and are provided with a rigorous course of action starting with education and ending with transformation. This is done through our own copyrighted workbook authored by our founder and CEO, Peter Marinelli.