Vicious Cycle of Chronic Relapsing

It feels like you’re out of control, you have sought many different avenues to achieve permanent sobriety but they have all failed. You have entered multiple treatment centers only to relapse again. You have hit bottom only to repeat this vicious cycle over and over. Your family has been torn apart, and you have lost countless jobs. Arrests begin to become a regular occurrence. You experience overdosing, DUI’s, and eventually complete demoralization.

Believing nothing will ever work and frankly praying for the end, one cannot help but feel hopeless. You look around and start to wonder if it is even possible to stay sober at all. You are even worried that you are going crazy or that you are going to die. If you have experienced this you are not alone. Millions of people on this planet suffer from chronic relapsing.

You deserve to live the life that you want.
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The Life of a Chronic Relapser

Many people who suffer from chronic relapsing have terrifying experiences. Chronic relapsing drives us to feel sudden waves of fear, extreme discomfort, or intense anxiety that can last minutes or even hours. This happens when the obsession to drink or to use drugs takes over. Below are some common feelings and behaviors that chronic relapsers engage in:

  • Making firm resolutions to quit for good only to use once again
  • Having been in more than 2 treatment facilities
  • Having tried relocation or change of environment to stay sober
  • Having substituted drugs and alcohol with other addictions
  • Experiencing serious consequences including legal, divorce, and loss of children as a direct result
  • Feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness
  • Denial of addiction and the consequences suffered
  • Rationalizing and justifying unhealthy behaviors and actions
Achieve Permanent Sobriety

You deserve to get off the merry go round of treatment centers that don’t work and finally achieve permanent sobriety. Through the Archway is an alternative to all the places you have been to before. Some of the benefits you will gain from working with us are:

  • Learn actionable techniques related to the 12 steps
  • Receive tailor fit one on coaching to achieve results more quickly,
  • Direction through our workbook system to achieve skills you need to become sober and STAY sober
  • A stronger meaningful life through our instruction of how to perform daily prayer and meditation
  • Assistance in your pursuit of outside medical and psychological services
Imagine How Good It Will Feel When…
  • You stop avoiding places you used to and are free to go anywhere you want not worried about using
  • You stop worrying about where your next drink or drug will come from
  • You stop believing that you are incurable and a slave to the vicious cycle of chronic relapsing
  • You stop having constant thoughts about drugs and alcohol
  • You feel free to go after all the goals you have been holding yourself back from reaching
  • You have control of your life

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