The holidays are here! The season celebrated by gathering with family and friends can be stressful to navigate when struggling with addiction. We know it can be difficult to make good decisions while intoxicated and celebrations can quickly turn south. Here are three tips to help you enjoy the holiday spirit and make lasting memories while staying sober:

  1. BYOD – Bring your own drink! There are many festive, yet nonalcoholic drinks available to help resist the temptation of drinking alcohol. Bring your favorite water, juice, sparkling soda, or make one one of these holiday mocktails to share.
  1. Be sure of what you are consuming. The secret ingredient in Grandma’s famous punch may be alcohol. Don’t be afraid to ask about ingredients if you are unsure. Have a backup plan and remember tip #1 – BYOD (bring your own drink)! 
  1. Set a cut-off time.
    Ending a night on time can help with staying on your recovery journey. When you stay late, you may get tired and more likely to engage in temptations.

Remember, you are not alone. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, Through the Archway is here for you. Our South Florida-based team serves guests from across the United States and international communities. With decades of experience, we can help you achieve permanent sobriety and other personal goals.