Another success story of drug and alcohol recovery Via Through The Archway with Peter Marinelli .

I use to hate when I saw these types of posts probably because I was to embarrassed to do it myself because God I was a mess. I now know that most recovering addicts and alcoholics say that seeing others in successful recovery was one of the biggest motivators in recovering themselves.

By sharing this transformation, you can help those still in the throws of addiction and their families see that getting clean and sober is possible. Thank God for recovery, please share and help spread the hope.

It is important to seek help, if you are in need of an affordable alternative program in Florida, look no further.

As an alternative to medically assisted treatment(MAT), Through the Archway’s recovery retreat will prepare you for long term sobriety. Our retreat teaches our guests to use spiritual principles to solve the problems they might be suffering from.

Whether it be untreated symptoms of alcoholism or those looking to reset their lives and become spiritually grounded a solution exists beyond a prescription. Click the link for help.




Chop wood, carry water