Boredom and your sober journey


Engage in some occupation, so that the devil may always find you busy.
-Saint Jerome

Sobriety does not equal boredom. You may remember as a young child pondering what to do with your free time as you’re surrounded by toys. Without any practice to discipline your mind, many times we just let our minds wander through the chaos of thoughts.

Some of these thoughts may heighten the desire for drugs or alcohol to fill the time. We have to re-learn how to create new pathways since much of our associations were filled with drugs or alcohol. To help with that, we listed some discovery activities:

  • Spiritual growth
    Restoring moral or virtuous values and action are important to our overall spiritual growth. At Through the Archway, we can work with our residents restore their connection back to spirituality through our 12-step spiritual immersion program. Many times the path after sobriety leaves a perceived feeling of emptiness. With the tools from our program, our residents discover a state of serenity, happiness, relational healing, and overall freedom from the bondage of self.
  • Read a book, not Face-booking
    In today’s society, we seek most of our knowledge through online platforms. The traditional knowledge seeking methods are becoming less prevalent. Do you remember the last time you got lost in a book? Reading a book is a solitary activity which makes it easier to engage in since there are very little barriers. However, if you crave the social interaction, check out a local book club. They actually still exist!
  • Get your iron chef on
    Cooking can give you so much satisfaction since you many times you end up with a delicious end product. Anyone can cook at any skill level. If you can follow a recipe, you can cook! Also, you can involve friends and family. Who wouldn’t want to try new delicious concoctions?
  • Let’s get physical
    Exercise is great for the body and helps you relieve stress. Also, it gives you more energy if you stick with it. This is a wonderful way to occupy your mind with something positive for your wellness.Exercise doesn’t have to be something that is overwhelming. It can be as simple as taking a 20 minute walk outside and observing the environment around you. You may notice something new that’s been there forever.

We hope these suggestions helps make it a little easier! Please go and follow us on Instagram @throughthearchwayfl and enter our boredom buster box giveaway.


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