Do 12 Step Programs Work?

When A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous) started during 1935, there were 2 members – only the founders. Now, there are more than 2 millions people and over 125,000 kinds of groups – every addict and alcoholic in the world can get the support they need. Sure, even with the support from these meetings, there are still difficulties that you may face in recovery. However, there are so many benefits of 12 step programs. 

If you want to start living your life again, now is the time, reach out for help from our Through the Archway team. 

First Chance for Hope

Oftentimes, when someone enters one of the many 12 step programs, they are going to meet many others who have similar goals. They may read the Big Book whether they are in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or another addiction recovery group. 

However, these meetings and programs are more than just reading a book and recovering from addiction. For millions of Americans, 12 step programs are their first sign and chance for hope in overcoming their addiction. If you want to quit drinking alcohol or stop using drugs, these programs might be just what you need.

Being able to meet people who have similar life experiences can comfort you and help you to see that you aren’t alone. When you introduce yourself in the 12 step programs, you can also feel a great weight lifted off your shoulders, knowing you are going to be greeted with support, empathy and kindness. 

Holding Yourself Accountable 

Has there been a time in your life when you tried quitting alcohol or drugs on your own? Unfortunately, for most people that doesn’t go as it should. A lot of people who are going to overcome an addiction need to hold themselves accountable by showing up for others. This is one of the many benefits of 12 step programs. 

Did you know that during 2017, 1 in 8 adults stated in a study that they struggled with drug or alcohol addiction at the same time. There are also numerous other types of addiction that someone might struggle with, too. No matter what type of addiction you have, it is a disease and you should never feel that you have to fight this battle alone.

When you go to any one of the 12 step programs, there are others who will be looking out for your best interests, share their stories, share tips for recovery and help you to avoid a relapse. If you do relapse, these same people are going to be there holding you accountable and encouraging you to work the steps all over again. 

Forming New Friendships 

When attending 12 step programs, you will have the opportunity to make long-lasting, healthy new friendships. These are people who get where you are coming from. They are familiar with your life experiences, your feelings and they want to get to know you as a person.

In these programs, there are connections you might make that you won’t find anywhere else. You will be graced with a roomful of people who could potentially be your true friends. Maybe, with some of them, you might just grab a cup of coffee. Others, you might hang out with or spend a lot of your time with, too.

If you aren’t so sure, go with someone to the next meeting in your community. Spend some time around these people and see what they are like. You might be highly surprised at the people that you meet. 

Logical, Practical Acknowledgement

If you are looking for a journey into recovery that gets you to look at things logically and practically, the 12 step programs are the best you are going to get. When attending these programs, you have to look in the mirror at the true you and your experiences. You must admit  to your wrongdoings, apologize to those you have hurt, admit to your addiction, recognize your powerlessness over things and so much more.

The 12 step programs also help you to realize that you must do things differently if you are going to overcome your addiction. You may need a Higher Power to help get you out of the cycle you are in – but once you have that guidance and support – you can get into recovery and become aware of the true journey you are on. 

If you are ready to start this journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Through the Archway team. We have all the treatment programs you could need to help you get clean and sober and into recovery. 

Start Paying it Forward

Recovery isn’t just about helping yourself. It is about changing the lives of those around you, too. Yes, you must get clean and sober for you. That is your number one priority. If you aren’t doing it for yourself, you aren’t likely to stick to it. 

With this being said, once you have yourself in a good position in recovery, you can spread the word about how to overcome addiction to others. You can share your story in 12 step meetings and help others to see that recovery is possible.

If you want to help to change your own life and the lives of others, now is the right time to get into a treatment program for your addiction. Here at Through the Archway, we have numerous treatment services you can receive to help you overcome your addiction. We also help you find 12 step programs, meetings and other addiction recovery resources when you leave our facility, too.

Get Into One of Our 12 Step Programs Today

Do you have a drug or alcohol addiction? Are you struggling to keep your head above water and you want to find a way out of the addictive lifestyle you are living? If so, don’t wait any longer. Even if you have questioned 12 step programs in the past, it is time to give them a try. Millions of people have used these programs to help them overcome an addictive lifestyle and you can, as well. 

A program that has been around for over 8 decades must be helping people in so many ways or it wouldn’t still be going strong. Give yourself the chance to get into a better life – choose to begin your recovery journey today. Contact us today, here at Through the Archway, to get into one of our 12 step programs right away. 


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