Glorious news of sobriety

Another Airport

I sit in another airport on the road to do a talk at another conference or workshop, waiting to board and visit a city in the states or another part of the world I’ve never been to and sometimes have been invited back to. Sometimes I’m about to meet folks waiting on the other side I’ve never met other than a friendly phone call or two to invite me to speak for them. I sit and wait for my flight. Airports are funny and sometimes strange. They have a culture of their own and a rhythm as well. It seems like everyone is always in hurry to get somewhere.
Can someone tell me who would set up connecting flights miles apart from each other in the airport with a small window of time to connect?
I board my flight and off I go. Sometimes with a delays, sometimes without. Will I make my connection or get held up somewhere in another town I don’t know?
I was once held over in Houston for about 14 hours and God know how many times I missed flights because of delays including getting held over in London coming from Ireland.
Every once in a while a thought comes to me as to why travel. Sometime the body is tired and sometimes I just want to curl up in bed that weekend at home. But I hit the road. My life is and has been one of invitation.
Off I go and I arrive. There they are – the welcoming committee. Glad to see me and after a moment or two, it’s as if we knew each other forever. Then off to do a workshop or conference. What blessed events we get to participate in.
As quick as a flash I’m back at the airport heading home. I’m full with blessings and so glad and so grateful God has presented me this God filled journey to walk.
To meet other recovering folks, to share what was so freely given to me, to be a part of the most exciting life there is to live, to truly experience my purpose in life- to teach.
I have never had it so good.
So the airports and the delays and the time away from home- I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How great is sobriety. I’m off to another airport to share this glorious news of sobriety!
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