How Does Spirituality Help in Recovery

There are a range of things that can help in recovery from an addiction and/or mental health disorder. One of the main things that is focused on during many treatment programs is spirituality. The primary reason for this is that everyone’s personal experiences are unique to their life. They must find and work with their Higher Power to make positive changes in their life and to restore their sanity and control over life. 

Spirituality also helps you to lean on something bigger than yourself as a means of support when you are doing the hard work in recovery. Before diving into this topic, it is important to note that spirituality is not the same thing as religion. In fact, there are many different ways that someone can show and act on their spirituality. 

Addiction Recovery and Spirituality 

Are you struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs? If so, you may already know you are leaping into the unknown by getting clean, sober and into recovery. The leap you are taking is a good one, though, and you don’t have to take it alone. You might have family members and friends who will support you in addiction recovery. However, you can also turn to and lean on your Higher Power. Your HP can be God, the universe, humans, nature or anything that is bigger than yourself that you look up to to help you through the tough times. 

Here at Through the Archway, we have many 12-step addiction recovery programs that focus a lot on spirituality. We also encourage our clients to attend Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous and other addiction recovery 12-step meetings when they leave our program, too. In these programs, spirituality is a big part of the recovery process. Once you can see that you have lost control over your life and you turn your life over to your Higher Power, it becomes a bit easier to navigate your recovery. You are also less likely to act out in self-destructive ways if you turn your will and life over to your Higher Power. 

Religion vs. Spirituality

As noted above, religion and spirituality don’t have to be the same thing. There are many addicts who avoid going to treatment because they aren’t religious and think they have to be in order to join a treatment center program. You don’t have to practice religion of any type to recover from an addiction or mental health disorder.

Spirituality does play a huge role in the recovery process. However, it is personal to each person and you can define it in any way that you choose to do so. Basically, you find your Higher Power – whether that be nature, living things, the universe, God, etc. – and let your connection with them guide you through recovery

You can also be religious and attend an addiction treatment program. Religion, however, is more structured and it is defined in specific ways. People can express themselves spiritually even if they are religious. With this being said, most of the expression is done in a group format using rituals, traditions and other organized fashions. 

How Spirituality Helps in Addiction and Mental Health Disorder Recovery

There are so many ways that spirituality can help in a person’s life when they are striving to live a recovering lifestyle. First off, it is vital to note that addiction and mental health disorders can be crippling diseases. They can alter a person’s sense of purpose, connection to others, value and much more. However, when someone taps into their own spirituality, they are able to focus on something bigger than their own fears, worries and problems. 


While it can be tough to focus more on spirituality than your internal issues, you might find that doing so helps renew your energy, passion, happiness and focus in life. 

Healing Through Spiritual Means

One of the many benefits of spirituality in recovery from an addiction or mental health disorder is healing. We all know that addictions and mental health disorders can tear apart confidence, relationships, jobs and much more. However, when someone enters a life of recovery and focuses on their spirituality, it can help start and continue the healing process. It can help you to heal from:

  • Trauma
  • Past mistakes
  • Relationship issues
  • Codependency
  • Addiction

Start your healing process by reaching out to our Through the Archway team to get addiction and/or mental health disorder treatments today. We can help you find your spiritual connection, so you can improve your recovering lifestyle.

Finding Your Strength

Another way that spirituality can help you throughout your recovery is by assisting you in finding your strength. There are so many people who suffer from addictions and/or mental health disorders that feel weak. They feel they have lost everything in their life and that they have nothing left. This is extremely true for those who have hit their rock bottom. They are reaching out for help and hanging onto the last thread of hope they have. 


If you are in this stage, it is important to understand that spirituality can be a great foundation for your recovery. It can help to rebuild your strength, hope and happiness. 


Becoming Grateful Again

Just like with losing hope, many people who struggle with a mental health disorder and/or addiction stop being grateful for the things they have in life. For example, if you were addicted to alcohol, you may have stopped being grateful for your marriage, relationship with your kids, house, job, etc. 


Gratitude is a strong foundation to spirituality. When someone follows their Higher Power, they are often encouraged to speak up about what they are grateful for. They are encouraged to focus on the happy, helpful and positive things in their life. This may be something that helps you in your recovery, as well. 

Finding Your Purpose in Life

Spirituality can also help you to find your purpose in life. Maybe, you knew what it was in the past, but after living with an addiction and/or mental health disorder for some time, you have lost the purpose or reasoning for living. 


Now that you are ready to walk down the road of recovery, even when it is curvy and bumpy, you can re-find your purpose in life. With the help of your Higher Power, you can step outside of your own thoughts and guidance and look to something greater than yourself for help.


These are just some of the many ways that spirituality can benefit you in your recovery from an addiction and/or mental health disorder. 

Using Spirituality to Help You Kickstart Your Recovery

Do you struggle with a mental health disorder and/or addiction? Have you lost your passion for life? Did you forget what you should be grateful for? Have you lost touch with your connection in this world? 


If so, contact us today, here at Through the Archway to use spirituality to help kickstart your recovery. 


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