Overcame opiate addiction
Became a leader in the fitness industry.

Patrick Henigan experimented with opiates as a teenager. After years of letting opiates be the driver in his life, he decided it was time to change. He was tired of the feelings of unfulfilled potential and broke free from addiction by taking his journey into his own hands. He says, “You’ll only go as far as your actions take you.”

He was brought up to be a “man for others.” The best way he thought to do this was share something that would positively impact his community. He started to do this by making a splash in the fitness industry. He went from an unhealthy and unhappy person to an industry disrupter. He trained some of the most famous names in entertainment.

He went on to start his own fitness business, Jacksonville Fitness Academy. Jacksonville Fitness Academy is a semi-private personal training and group fitness facility. Their top priority is to provide high level coaching and accountability for their clients.

During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, they are offering home workouts. If you are interested in getting started, follow them at jaxfitacademy on Instagram or join their mailing list at jaxfitacademy.com. Show your support for small businesses during this difficult time by checking them out.

If you are ready to start your recovery journey, please reach out to us. We are here for you!


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