One of the wonderful features that I get to experience in my line of work is watching folks reclaim thier lives through recovery. When they arrive for treatment they are in most cases very ill physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Those who are at a place in their lives when they are willing to do anything to stay stopped great things happen. Little by slowly I get to see them heal. They begin to have a new outlook on their life and yet with all the challenges they face they continue to seek answers and grow.
After they leave treatment I hold my breath. Everything you have you pass on to them and then they have to release.

Then something wonderful happens. They call you on their own to tell you about the good things in their lives and sometimes even their concerns. And then something better happens. They comeback to visit. Some with year sobriety some with multiple years of sobriety.

When they walk through the door I am still astonished at the work God has done for them. Then they begin to talk and I amazed at how they sound. Everything has changed for them. They are right with God serving others with care and compassion in the forefront of their lives. The age of miracles is still with us. I sleep better knowing God allowed me to have a very small part of their journey.

How bout God!
How bout sobriety!



Chop wood, carry water