So What Are You Waiting For?

Here is a consideration as I heard someone put it so well. Do we have an abnormal reaction to abstinence?

Why is it that so many folks who are not drinking or drugging are still in the grip on “untreated alcoholism?”

We become a prey to our thinking which is never good or spiritual.

We become full of fear, we have trouble in personal relationships, we are a prey to misery and depression, we can’t control our emotional nature we feel useless and don’t feel like we can be of help to others and in some cases can’t or won’t make a living and if we are, we aren’t too thrilled about having to go to work every day.

Eventually an alcoholic will slip into some sort of a spree where the illness will go underground and resurface in other areas of our lives. For example, in the need to get relief from ourselves and our constant stream of bad thinking and stress we may find ourselves doing more thinking to escape all the thinking. We may find ourselves on sex sprees and develop a hidden sex life.

We may find ourselves on an anger spree (and we really don’t know why we are so angry) or on a food spree or on a money spree (perhaps compulsive spending and or gambling). The point is we are not well and our behavior, thoughts and feeling reflect this. Yet when the solution of getting right with God via the 12 steps is presented many will recoil or even become defensive and defiant. Yes we are a strange lot.

We need to starve that which is being fed and instead feed that which is being starved. We must get our “soul food” or else go on to the bitter end.

Why wait? Although this may seem morbid, my question is this. Have we thought about our own mortality lately? Do we realize that our days are numbered whether we like it or not. Sitting with this and knowing our time is limited and our life is but a vapor, that perhaps it will breathe life and a sense of urgency into us to walk this journey with a sense of purpose, direction and freedom. The day will arrive when we will be called “home” and on the day and in that moment it is too late to start doing the steps or go to a meeting.

Let God breathe life into us rather than things or people. So What Are You Waiting For?

“Seek the kingdom of God and all will added unto you” as the quote goes.

Peter Marinelli

“Chop wood, Carry water”


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