Sobriety looks sexy on you!


There are many reasons to start your sobriety journey. Recovery is not just leaving alcohol and drugs. When you are sober, you start enjoying and living the life you deserve. The alcohol and drugs are no longer driving you. You will feel good and can begin practicing self-care.

Here are our top 5 reasons why sober is sexy:

  1. You look so hot!
    Since you aren’t spending time drinking or drugging, you will have more time to spend on yourself. Many times people hit up the gym and start taking care of their temple! So, what are you doing this weekend? Do you want to quarantine together?
  2. You are less depressed.
    Sobriety has a direct affect on your mental and emotional state. Did you know alcohol and some drugs are depressants? Lifting depression from your aura makes you more attractive. It also attracts more positivity into your life.
  3. I’m rich!
    Staying financial health is very important for any adult. Now that you aren’t spending money on alcohol or drugs, you have more money in your pocket each month. Oh yeah! Make it rain, baby!
  4. You have less anxiety.
    Just like depression, alcohol and drugs can create more anxiety. Sometimes the anxiety goes away completely.
  5. You are an energizer bunny!
    You will have more energy. As a result, you will be able to start and complete the new activities you are embarking on.

Like Justin Timberlake says, “I’m bringin’ sexy back!”

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