Spirituality in Recovery

There are many benefits of using spirituality in recovery from addiction. However, it is important to note that each person’s spirituality is personal to them and unique to the experiences they have had in life. 

When it comes to recovering from an addiction, it is time for restoration, change and creating the life you deserve. While most people find that the recovery process leads to many positive things in their life, it is crucial to note that going at it alone can be overwhelming and exhausting. One of the things that helps many people to make it through the tougher parts of their recovery is their spirituality. Sometimes, this means practicing a religion. Other times, it may mean doing yoga or connecting with nature. No matter how you define spirituality, it is helpful to learn about the various ways that it can help during your recovery from addiction. 

Significant Role in 12-Step and Other Recovery Programs

There are many different programs that people use to help them overcome an addiction or work through mental health disorders. One of the types of programs that millions of people use is the 12-Step system. Research shows that using spirituality during these and other recovery programs can help to improve a person’s confidence, journey and overall well-being.

Whether you see spirituality as looking to God for answers, connecting with another spiritual entity, praying, meditating or connecting with a personal sponsor, the role the connection makes is significant no matter what. 

Religion or Spirituality: Are They the Same Thing? 

You may have heard about spirituality being a constant in recovery for many people. However, others may refer to religious entities during their recovery. Are these two things the same? It is important to note there are differences between religion and spirituality. Part of the reason this is important to note is that some people who aren’t religious avoid recovering from addiction due to thinking it is all focused on religion. It isn’t. However, it is helpful to focus on some form or religion or spirituality during this process. 

Basically, the similarity between religion and spirituality is that you connect with a higher power outside of a single person in your life – whether that be God, Higher Power, Buddha, etc. Some people find that spirituality means connecting to certain animals or all living things. You can define spirituality in whatever way is meaningful to you. Religion, however, is more structured and definable, depending on which religion you are referring to. Generally, though, both these involve having a sense of belonging, community, guidance and organization. 

If you want more information about how to recover from addiction or a mental health disorder with the help of religion or spirituality, please reach out to us here at Through the Archway. Our team would be happy to help you get on the road to recovery. 

What Are the Benefits of Spirituality

There are many benefits of adding spirituality to your life, especially while you are recovering from an addiction. 

Addictions are crippling to people’s purpose in life, values and connection to this world. When someone practices spirituality, they can stop focusing so much on the obstacles this world throws at them and their own concerns and more on what uplifts and motivates them to make positive changes. A lot of people who practice spirituality find they have renewed energy during difficult times due to their sense of connection with a Higher Power. 

Healing Benefits 

Healing from an addiction to drugs or alcohol can be quite challenging. For most people who are in recovery, it can be difficult to accept responsibility for your prior actions. While addiction is a disease, taking responsibility for your wrongdoings and for your choices now, can truly help you to heal from the past and move better into the future. If you are practicing spirituality, taking this responsibility can help you to reconnect with people in your life in healthier ways, forgive others to relieve tension in your life and find a sense of belonging. 

One other way that spirituality in recovery can help you to heal is through journaling. This is an activity that many recovering addicts participate in to express their feelings privately. Sometimes, you might choose to share your journal with your sponsor or other people you trust during the recovery process. 

Having Strength Through Life’s Obstacles and Difficulties 

The beginning stages of recovery are emotionally and mentally taxing. The process of recovery takes so much energy and requires a lot of changes on your behalf. The good news is that you can gain a lot of strength by practicing spiritual beliefs. These beliefs can help you to:

  • Continue moving forward
  • Let go of the past
  • Work through fears
  • And much more

If you need some strength during your recovery, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Through the Archway. We would be happy to help you get into a treatment program that involves spiritually-based recovery principles and guidance. 

Being Grateful

Another way that spirituality in recovery can benefit you is by helping you to be more grateful. Gratitude is one of the strongest themes throughout the recovery process. When someone follows spiritual beliefs or believes in a Higher Power during recovery, they are usually inspired or encouraged to be grateful for all the good things in life. Gratitude can also help you to:

  • Learn more about addiction recovery
  • Work through emotional upsets
  • Help cultivate a sense of positivity in life
  • Make more of a difference in your life
  • Remind you of how important sobriety is

Sometimes, people need a bit of encouragement and guidance to feel grateful in recovery. Here at Through the Archway, our team can help you to regain your sense of control, gratitude and hopefulness in recovery. 

Having a Meaningful Connection 

It is very important to have meaningful connections during your recovery process. Getting the support you need can make the biggest difference in the success of your recovery. You already know how isolating and depressing addiction can feel. However, when you practice spiritual beliefs during recovery, you can have meaningful, positive, healthy connections with your Higher Power. Having this connection can help you to develop these types of relationships with other people in your life, as well. 

Dive Into Spirituality in Recovery Starting Today

As noted above, spirituality in recovery is very vital to the success of your recovery. The good news is that our Through the Archway team is here to help you begin your life in recovery – whether that be with guidance into a spiritual lifestyle to detoxing to aftercare success and care – we are here for you.

Contact us today, here at Through the Archway, to get going with your recovering lifestyle today.


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