What is a Resentment?

Resentment is to forget who we are – children of a loving God-all love and no opposite.

We begin to feel “cut off” from God when we have unresolved resentments, and we become very much unlike Him.

When we live in resentment we start to think God is agreeing with the resentment we have. In fact, we think God agrees with all of our resentments because we know God loves us more than the others.

When we live in resentment we become blind to the Truth and life is filled with anger and unrealistic expectations.

Who can live in resentment and not secretly doubt God and have fear of God along with guilt for the negative feeling we harbor for someone while claiming to be spiritual (because we have stepped into self-reliance rather than living in God reliance).

Conversely when we live in forgiveness we live in peace. Forgiveness towards others and to our past, allows one to walk free and to be present. Most folks won’t let go of the past because of the fear of the change that will come. Most folks would rather hold on to the past, hold onto resentments, as they can stay with what they know rather than experiencing the unknown. However, some will find out the there is greater pain in not changing then the change itself.

When we live in resentment we forget who we are – children of a loving God and are connected to God. When we live in resentment we forget that all others are also children of a loving God and are also connected to God.

We can escape from this world we’ve known by letting go of this world we’ve known and surrendering to the only Truth, that One is God.

Finally resentments are the number one offender. They destroy more alcoholics than anything else!

Peter Marinelli

“Chop wood, Carry water”


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