What’s the deal?
I can’t help but be a witness to the revolving door that goes on with addictions sufferers seeking “treatment”. People who seek help from a treatment center seem to get caught up in having to go back into another facility and or a detox center, then off to a sober living home and then do it all over again, and in many cases use again with devastating results. Why? Well I will assume that there is a portion of these folks who were “put” in treatment by families or went to treatment to avoid legal issues, and weren’t really interested in staying clean and sober. But what about those who truly want a new way of life and there are many, who fall victim to being diagnosed with psych issues after a week of being in treatment and are put on medications, that are perhaps not needed? What happens to a person after they are stabilized? What happens to a person 20 or 30 days into treatment and they are pretty much still clueless on what is wrong with them is what make them addict /alcoholic and why can’t they stop? Why aren’t the necessary tools given in order to maintain sobriety post discharge? What’s the deal?

If I was to purchase a new car and forked over 30 or 40 thousand dollars for and the car salesman said to me there is a good chance that in a very short time this new vehicle is going to fall apart, but don’t worry, come back and for another 30 or 40 thousand dollars, I will give you another-over and over and over. I would not go back, but look for some other PROVEN alternative.
A spiritual connection is vital to addiction suffers and to find out why they are the way they are and the solution for this deadly problem must be offered. Unfortunately when then are exposed to purely clinical work along with medication (we thank insurance companies for this) the results are bleak. What’s the deal?

Why does the word God or spirituality bring up such antipathy in so many when it is the very thing that will save a life?
Conversely those who do get connected spiritually and begin to live on a spiritual path their lives are dramatically changed for the better usually without needing some of the “new” remedies of medication which by the way is very profitable to the powers that be.
What’s the deal?
Thank God for the 12 step fellowships that offer a spiritual way of life who can save so many who suffer, including families.
Something to think about.
Chop wood carry water