Who I “Be” will determine what and how I “Do” throughout my day

Our day consists of the “Be-ing” and the “Do-ing”.

Who I “Be” will determine what and how I “Do” throughout my day.

We think about the twenty four hours ahead. Before we begin our day, we ask God to direct our thinking, especially asking that it be divorced from self-pity, dishonesty, and self-seeking motives.

Our thought life will be placed on a much higher plane when our thinking is cleared of wrong motives. As long as we are aligned with the will of God our thinking will be aligned with the of God. There is a difference between managing our life (my will) and the proper use of the will which is aligned with Gods. We can now operate on the level of God consciousness rather than human consciousness. Always living life on God’s terms not life on life’s terms. (This is another opportunity to practice the words: Turn, Watch, Aware, and Observe)

We ask God for freedom from self-will, and are careful to make no request for ourselves only, unless others will be helped. Our life is now one of service.How often do we attend to our chores before we pray? Let us begin our day before we “Do” anything with prayer and meditation.

We can pray with prayers of our choice, always remembering, “His will not mine be done.” Next we sit in sacred silence – meditation. Posture and breath are key. Breathing in God and breathing out. Breathing in God and breathing out. At the beginning we may be distracted by the thinking mind. Do not fight it, just come back to breath. We go into silence to hear and darkness to see. Getting present to the moment and giving attention to our God.

When we complete our morning practice we begin or “Do”-ing for the day. We go with God in all of our activities, as we are not only having conscious contact with God, but constant contact with God.

  • Do I have a spiritual practice?
  • Am I reading inspirational books (along with the Big Book, not instead of)
  • Do I make use of what religious people offer?
  • Am I we quick to see where they are right?

Step 11 tells us :

to improve our relationship with God. How does this currently look in my life today? During the day if we experience agitation or doubt we turn back to God for the right thought or action. (What would God want me to do?)

  1.  In discipline there is freedom.
  2.  In doing we succeed.
  3. The more spiritual Power I embrace the less human power I rely on.

Peter Marinelli
“Chop wood, Carry water”


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