Benefits of Holistic Treatment in Florida

Benefits of Holistic Treatment

If you are new to recovery from any addiction, alcohlism, drug, gambling, sex or any other addiction you will soon learn that sobriety is not formatted to a one size fits all modality. The traditional methods of addiction treatment have been challenged with many new approaches to addressing substance abuse. With this in mind, holistic therapies have flooded into the recovery community and have been proven to cultivate a number of long-term benefits in treating addiction.


What is Holism?

Many people have heard the term “holism” or at least heard about holistic medicine. However, many confuse the term with homeopathy. By definition, holism is a genre of thought in which systems are classified as wholes, according to function, rather than as collections of separate parts. When applied to medicine and healthcare, holism refers to patient care that surpasses physical, psychological, and social aspects of wellbeing. The goal of holistic treatment is to restore a patient entirely and not solely treating the symptoms. Holistic treatment may include a broader range of treatments such as reiki, breathing techniques, two-way prayer, yoga, and other meditative practices.


Comprehensive Substance Abuse Treatment

The general consensus agrees that the essentials of any addiction treatment program include detox, individual and group therapy. Addressing core issues is quintessential in helping patients overcome the physical and psychological issues that have contributed to their addictions. However, these recovery essentials may not be enough when seeking long-term sobriety.


Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12-Step method – Bill W. – affirms “An alcoholic is a fellow who is trying to get his religion out of a bottle,’ when what he really wants is unity within himself, unity with God..” In other words, this infamous founder believed that the spiritual malady, or spiritual void, of the individual is the sole cause of his/her ravishing addiction. Despite the lack of clinical methods, 12-Step programs have been continuously proven to be the solution for the addict/alcoholic of the hopeless variety. The question then becomes whether or not a clinical method can address these spiritual maladies. If an individual who turns to substance abuse to fill a spiritual void is not having those needs addressed in rehab, the likelihood that he/she will achieve lasting sobriety is unlikely.


Incorporating a holistic methodology into addiction treatment will ensure all of the patient’s needs are met – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – all encompassed as one treatment plan. Holistic treatment can help better specify and identify each patient’s individual, spiritual, and social needs.


Beneficial Holistic Therapies

  • Acupuncture – This non-invasive intervention can induce a calming effect and promote meditation.
  • Art Therapy – Creative expression, especially artistic therapy, provides a nonverbal way of reducing stress, expressing thoughts, and evoking emotions of anxiety, anger, and pain.
  • Physical Exercise – Reducing stress and retraining the body to regulate mood and the body’s natural healthy brain chemistry, physical exercise has been proven to improve an individual’s overall wellbeing.
  • Meditation/Mindfulness – Focusing on breathing and being present in the moment, mindfulness meditation promotes self acceptance, focus, mental clarity, and self-soothing techniques.
  • Music Therapy – This creative therapy enhances positivity, creates a connection between the individual and his/her emotions, and encourages coping/problem solving skills.
  • Nutritional Therapy – Healthy eating promotes physical healing, ensures regulation of the body’s natural nutrients, encourages discipline/balance, and mental clarity.
  • Outdoor Activities – Outdoor activities boost levels of Vitamin D, which relieves stress, improves concentration, and helps mitigate symptoms of depression.
  • Reiki – The transfer of energy from one person to another, through Reiki practices, can promote relaxation, encourage self esteem, and provide clarity in seeking an individual’s purpose.
  • Spiritual Counseling – This type of therapy encourages the individual to reexamine his/her beliefs, without judgment, and cultivates a spiritual foundation to promote maintaining long term sobriety.
  • Yoga – Yoga emphasizes meditation, compassion, patience, devotion, and wisdom while enhancing mind-body awareness, improving flexibility and developing physical strength.


These therapies are just a few alternatives implemented in holistic treatment. These specific therapies encourage clients to challenge their thoughts, beliefs, actions, and many other things that may have been neglected during their active addiction. Holistic therapy requires each individual to remain open-minded and rely on others to help him/her cultivate a healthier life.


4 Key Benefits of Holistic Treatment


  1. Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit – Holistic treatment centers around the concept that all areas – mind, body, and spirit – must be healthy for the individual to have the most success in recovery and life in general.
  2. Compassionate Environment – Generally, professionals who believe in the holistic approach for treating addiction, provide a safe, caring, and compassionate environment. These individuals encourage transparent healing and are experienced in dealing with the difficulties of walking through addiction recovery. Most of the therapeutic interventions channel empathy, compassion, and patience for struggling individuals.
  3. High Success Rates – Holistic treatment for substance abuse tends to have a higher rate of long-term success. The methods of this specific approach, encourage all-encompassing recovery which promotes changed behavior and these individuals receive the tools to heal based on their specific needs.
  4. Diverse Treatment Options – The beauty of holistic treatment is the array of therapeutic options. While many people may see these types of therapies as amenities and non-essential, the holistic approach recognizes the importance of treating individual body systems equally. Therefore, holistic treatment offers many diverse and non-traditional methods of cultivating healing.


It would be fair to say that most of us, in recovery, are complex people with complex struggles. Holistic treatment for addiction is successful because the methods hinge on the concept of looking at the person individually while treating every area in which he/she may be struggling. This type of approach recognizes that each patient is not solely defined by his/her problem with substance abuse.


Through the Archway with Peter Marinelli, is where clients come to reclaim their lives and recover from alcoholism and drug addiction with the highest standards of care. Our sober path to recovery is a flagship program to help even those without health insurance. From the peaceful atmosphere set in beautiful South Florida to our amazing well-experienced staff, our clients will experience the healing of body, mind, and spirit in a safe and blissful environment.


From our one-on-one to group sessions and regular attendance at 12 step meetings, clients will be exposed to recovery day and night. Through the Archway offers the best personalized care, as we continuously encourage our clients to become immersed in spiritual principles, including literature studies, accountability, and responsibility, daily prayer, and meditation as well as other sober skills needed to lead full and abundant lives.



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